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Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Services

What do I get for $99?

KW Research & Target KWs

 SEO Friendly Text Content

 EBC Design Layout & Lifestyle Infographic images

 EBC Live on Amazon, Ready To Sell

What access & information do I need to provide?

Product ASIN

 Product photos in high resolution

 Design reference, any other EBCs that you like

 Product features or benefits you want us to highlight

 Authorize our Amazon ID to have a limited Seller Central access to upload EBC

How is it executed & delivered?

Step 1: Upon receiving the “access & information” and payment, we will allocate a Project ID

Step 2: We will undertake the product research, KW analysis, create the content & design the EBC

Step 3: EBC design draft will be show cased to you within four days of the order

Step 4: Upto two rounds of design calibration iteration based on your feedback

Step 5: Approved design will be uploaded as an EBC in your Seller Central account

Step 6: We track the EBC until it goes live & is ready to sell


Products with multiple color variation

Option #1 Single EBC design where all color variation details given in design

Option #2 Separate EBC designs for variations with same structure. Just change in product images. $20 extra per variation.


  • Step 2
    Share your preferences & product USP
  • Step 3
    We present the design draft within four days
  • Step 4
    Suggest changes if any
  • Step 5
    We make the EBC live in your Amazon account


Choose The Perfect Package For Your Amazon Business :

Enhanced Brand Content (Custom Design)

$ 99 Product
What is included:
Custom template
All design art work
Content creation
Image keyword suggestions
Delivery within 4 working days
Maximum 2 change iterations
See Samples

A+ Page (Design)

$ 149 Product
What is included:
Any template
All design art work
Content creation
Image keyword suggestions
Delivery within 4 working days
Maximum 2 change iterations

See Some of Our Awesome EBC Designs

Great EBC design comes with understanding customer needs

What is Amazon Enhanced Brand Content?

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content allows the Brand Registered Sellers to create a robust product description consisting of crisp text placements and enhanced images. Nowadays, Amazon EBC is more of an essential than an exciting feature. Adding EBC to your product detail page has more perks than just increasing the visual appeal of the listing. Blend of a creatively formatted description in your product detail page can lead to improve in traffic, optimization of conversion rates and boost in sales if used effectively.

“Make the most of your brand registry and give your product detail page a much-needed refurbishing with eStore Factory’s Enhanced Brand Content Services.”

We Amazon EBC Experts will create the content consisting of enticing graphics which will capture customer’s attention and engaging content which will compel the visitor to make a purchase. Our team of Amazon EBC consultants, graphic designers and content writers will engage in deep understanding of your product and its exquisite features to build EBC seasoned just for your product.

One stop solution for Enhanced Brand Content & A+ content service. Creation of Amazon EBC templates helps you to increase conversion rate and provide an opportunity to drive traffic to your entire brand catalogue. Amazon a+ content Creates a rich online experience to shoppers. Enhanced A+ Product pages Marketing helps customers to provide all the details that they need to know about the product.

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content Design

At Amazon EBC Services

we will make Enhanced Brand Content which will:

Engage the prospective buyer and boost conversion rates

Address the most common customer questions to make a rapid, informed and more confident purchase

Accelerate brand equity and build brand affinity

Make your listing more attractive, appealing and scannable

Our Services

What’s Included:

Image Optimization & Editing:
  • Editing of white background images and creation of measurement images
  • Creation of enticing and visually appealing images with the help of top-notch tools and Photoshop techniques
  • Creation of stunning hero images, graphics and lifestyle shots to enhance the look of EBC
  • Showcase the unique product features by addition of text and header points in the images
  • Make the images EBC ready in accordance with Amazon guidelines

Content Creation & Briefing:
  • In-depth description of your brand assets, brand story and company ethics using true to your brand information
  • Dedicated team of content writers to deliver, comprehensive description which instantly clicks reader’s mind
  • Identify and highlight your products exclusive features and its benefits to prospective buyers
  • Through research of competitor landscape to create an in-trend layout

Layout, Designing & Implementation:
  • Use of any of the five predefined or one customised template
  • Manage and execute all the aspects of layout submission via Seller Central
  • Providing constant editorial feedback and assistance
  • Design EBC for your whole catalog and all the products of the registered brand


what our customers say

“They are professional, knowledgeable and respond very quickly to my emails and phone calls. Got my EBC within the given time.”

Female Testimonials
Jenny Su

“If you are looking to create a professional looking EBC without breaking the bank, then eStore Factory is the right place for you.”

Male Testimonials
Steve Dasseos

“Jimi and his team are amazing. We hired eStore factory for creating EBC for one of our product. Now my detail page looks much more attractive.”

Female Testimonials
Kelly Brooten

“I must say I am extremely impressed by there creativity and storytelling. Graphics were stunning and they even made a size chart to explain my product well.”

Male Testimonials
Jason Widerski

“They followed my suggestions correctly and created EBC just like I wanted!! Great job”

Female Testimonials
Holly Ambady

Computer Engineer

“Would highly recommend eStore Factory! The conversion rate of my detail page increased by 22%. They used a customized template and created a unique EBC.”

Male Testimonials
Martin Gibson